Electronic Measuring Spoon

Color:  white


Measure ingredients precisely. Make it easy to follow the recipe.


Main Features

  • HIGH PRECISION SPOON ELECTRONIC SCALE: Utilizes a high precision sensor system, overload indication, the max weight measuring up to 500g, accurately in increments of 0.1g. An accurate scale can make your meal more delicious.

4 DIFFERENT UNITS: The MODE function allows you to switch among different units. The HOLD function will lock or unlock the weight readout.

WITH TARE FUNCTION: Lower battery, overload indication. Auto shutoff saves battery life.

WIDE APPLICATION: Practical tools to measure the weight of flour, milk powder, butter, cream, and edible oil, weighing both solid and liquid ingredients.

Usage Scenarios

  • Having a spoon scale for your kitchen is one of the most practical tools for foodies, dieters, and home cooks. Widely used in labs, and industries as well.

Size 9.1*2.17*0.79in / 23*5.5*2cm