"We are born to like light"

When we were little girls, whenever we put on a nice dress, we loved running or dancing in the sun. When I grow up, I buy clothes I like and enjoy walking with my partner under the sunset. We women are wired to love light.
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About Us

Who are we

Linlimit was established in February 2023. The brand's original intention is to provide clothing that enhances happiness for people around the world. Linlimit's main product is women's clothing, and it also sells women's shoes, jewelry, etc. Our products are sold to more than 200 countries and are popular in Europe, America and Australia. Customers feel that our clothes are very practical and help them solve their dressing worries for many occasions, so we are very happy and more motivated to do better and better!

Our mission

Linlimit hopes to experience and enjoy life for people around the world. We are committed to researching products that facilitate people's lives. Here you can find casual everyday wear; you can also find evening dresses for prom; whatever outfit you need, you can try to find it here.

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